Aponogeton crispus

Aponogeton crispus
Aponogeton crispus 'Red' is an interesting, red bulb plant. A cultivar with red-violet, curly leaves which reaches 15-40 cm. The whole plant becomes 10-15 cm wide. With its moderate size, this graceful Aponogeton variety looks spectacular as focal point contrasting against a light green background. The plant is moderate to slow growing and develops few or none floating leaves. Good light and nutrient-rich conditions improves the plant characteristics.
CO2 Nej
Höjd 30 - 50+
Ljus 0.5 W/L
Plantering Bakgrund
Svårighet Medium
Typ Knöl
Ursprung Asien
Växthastighet Snabb
  • Artikelnummer: 083
  • Tillgänglighet: Växtleverans varje vecka
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