Anubias 'Petite'

Anubias 'Petite'
Anubias sp. ‘Petite’ is a mutation which appeared in cultivation at the Oriental aquarium plant nursery in Singapore. Grows very slowly, and can be difficult to keep in healthy growth. Stays less than 5 cm tall and with a rhizome from 5-10 cm or more. It is most decorative when attached to stones or roots, and like other Anubias should be attached with fishing line until it gains a hold. A specialty plant which is ideal for miniature landscapes in small aquariums.
CO2 Nej
Funktion Ej ätbar
Höjd 0 - 10+
Ljus 0.25 W/L
Plantering Sten eller Rot
Svårighet Easy
Typ Kruka
Ursprung Framodlad
Växthastighet Långsam
  • Artikelnummer: 101H
  • Tillgänglighet: Växtleverans varje vecka
  • 89:-
  • Exkl moms: 71:-
  • 5+          79:-
  • 9+          69:-