Bolbitis heudelotii På Rot

Bolbitis heudelotii På Rot
Bolbitis comes from West Africa, a fern with very beautiful transparent green leaves, 15-40 cm tall and wide. When planting do not cover the rhizome because it will rot, and it is best to plant Bolbitis heudelotii on a root or stone. Keep the plant in position with fishing line until it has gained a hold. Easy to propagate by splitting the horizontal rhizome. Growth can be increased considerably by supplying CO2, and is only optimal in soft, slightly acidic water.
CO2 Ja
Höjd 20 - 30+
Ljus 0.5 W/L
Plantering Sten eller Rot
Svårighet Medium
Typ Kruka
Ursprung Afrika
Växthastighet Långsam
  • Artikelnummer: 006 YWS
  • Tillgänglighet: Växtleverans varje vecka
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