ADA ES-300 + Lily Pipe (20-60L)

ADA ES-300 + Lily Pipe (20-60L)

Super Jet Filter ES-300

The new model compatible with a small-size aquarium is now introduced to ADA’s Super Jet Filter series. SUPER JET FILTER ES-300 has excellent filtration capability, despite its compact form, and works well for aquarium sizes up to 60 liters (16 US gal.). ES-300 has a fine, robust stainless-steel body which is professionally handcrafted, and assures enhanced performance.
Set-package for a 60 liter (16 US gal.) aquarium, SUPER JET FILTER ES-300 (LILY TYPE), comes with an outflow glass pipe (Ø 10) and inflow glass pipe (Ø 13). Set-package for a 36 liter (10 US gal.) and smaller aquarium, SUPER JET FILTER ES-300 (SPIN TYPE), comes with newly-developed LILY PIPE SPIN P (outflow) and LILY PIPE Mini V (inflow).

For optimum filtration.

Filtration system is heart of the aquarium tank. In the Magnet Pump, equipped with Super Jet Filter, unique shape impeller and highly durable shaft are used in order to realize high lifting power of the filter. These parts makes possible Super Jet Filter play important role as heart of filtration system of the Nature Aquarium.

With a combination with robust and simple structure stainless steel canister, the magnet pump maintains basic capability for a long period of time.

Standard Filter Media /
Anthracite (activated carbon in net) 2L, Bio Cube 20 1L
Pump Specification /
Flow Rate: 6.0L/min
Maximum Pump Head: 1.5m
Standard Accessories /
Outflow Glass Pipe (Ø10), Inflow Glass Pipe (Ø13),
Clear Hose (Ø10) 1m, Clear Hose (Ø13) 2m, Hose Clip
*For freshwater aquarium use only.
*Flow rate and maximum pump head shown in data are under a no-load condition.


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