ADA AQUASKY 601 60cm

ADA AQUASKY 601 60cm

ADA’s AQUASKY is the world’s first LED lighting system developed specifically for planted aquariums. A new lineup, compatible with 60cm wide aquarium tanks, is to hit the market, this fall. For 60cm wide aquariums, the single light model - AQUASKY 601 and the twin light model - AQUASKY 602 are available. Choose a model according to the type of main aquatic plants planted in your 60cm-wide aquarium. You can also install maximum of 3 LED lighting units (AQUASKY 601 x 1, AQUASKY 602 x 1) to a 60cm aquarium tank.

AQUASKY 602 is capable of providing the same illuminance level as Solar I.*
AQUASKY series makes possible to fully appreciate aquatic plant layouts, which was hardly achieved by other LED lighting systems before. (Coming out in mid-September, 2012)

*We measured the center spot illmunicance level with following condition: Direct illuminance level measured at 12cm from the lighting source for AQUASKY 602, and 30cm for Solar I.
*Due to the characteristics of LED, there is a variance in range of color temperature.
*Install AQUASKY 601 and AQUASKY 602 to a 60cm wide aquarium (W60xD30xH36cm) for higher light intensity. 
*Photo is for image only. The product has a power supply cord on the side.
*AQUASKY 601 & AQUASKY 602 are compatible to ADA Cube Garden / Cube Glass in the following sizes:
W60 x D30 x H18 (cm) glass thickness 5mm
W60 x D30 x H36 (cm) glass thickness 6mm
W60 x D30 x H45 (cm) glass thickness 6mm
Waterfall W60 x D45 x H45 (cm) glass thickness 6mm


AQUASKY 601 is ideal for a 60cm wide aquarium tank mainly keeping fish and shrimps with a small amount of aquatic plants. This product is the single light model for 60cm aquariums.

*Product specification / Input voltage:AC100〜240V 50/60Hz / Power consumption:30W / Current consumption:900mA ±5% / Luminous flux:2,520〜2,850lm / Color temperature:Around 7,000K / LED:0.4W/each × 63/LEDlifetime:Over 30,000hrs / Operating temperature range:0〜35℃ / AQUASKY601 is a CE certified product (CE Mark)

*AQUASKY 601 and 602 are NOT compatible to ADA Cube Garden / Cube Glass with glass thickness 8mm.

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