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Levereras utan stativ. Finns upphängningskit som tillval. LED technology made and manufactured in GermanyFrom its conception the TESZLA-S was designed to take everything we know and have learned about LED lighting technology and pack it into probably the most cost effective, attractive and modern looking LED lighting unit available to date. From its smooth sculpted contours to the depths of its considerable inner technology, the TESZLA-S stands proud as a leap forward in LED lighting design, function, and more importantly, reliability. The brand new TESZLA-S LED is an innovative lighting solution for all LED lovers. TESZLA-S features an unusual, elegant design, and its high quality functional aluminium housing contains all the important elements to place it at the top of its category...

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PULZAR Akvarium hållare (2st)

Att vila rampen direkt på akvariet. Fungerar till helglas och aluminiumkar...

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PULZAR Monteringsplattor (2st)

Monteringsplattor att fästa fast på valfri plats i befintlig ramp...

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PULZAR T5 Adapter (2st)

Adapter till ramper med T5 anslutningar. ..

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PULZAR T8 Adapter (2st)

Adapter till ramper med T8 anslutningar. ..

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