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ADA Beetle Counter

It is a CO2 bubble counter for large size aquariums. It has a practical and playful design, and the bubbles can be easily counted as CO2 rises in a spiral. It is designed to be used with Pollen Glass Large or Pollen Glass Beetle. Article Code Item 102-202 CO2 Beetle Counter ..

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ADA Bubble Counter

It is a bubble counter for measuring the amount of CO2 supply. It can supply adequate amount of CO2 even for beginners according to each aquarium condition. Its simple yet functional design well matches Pollen Glass. Article Code Item 102-201 CO2 Bubble Counter ..

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ADA Cabochon Ruby

It is a durable and decorative check valve. The valve is produced from a mineral close to Ruby, and it does not deteriorate from a long-term use. Moisten the mineral before installation. Article Code Item 102-512 Cabochon Ruby ..

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ADA Check Valve

ADA Backventil i plast. ..

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Do!aqua CO2 Music Counter

CO2 Music Counter is a glass CO2 counter that allows you to measure the amount of CO2 supply by counting CO2 bubbles. Its simple design adds a delightful look to an aquarium. Please use with glass CO2 diffuser, CO2 Music Glass (sold separately). * CO2 Music Counter is designed for the aquarium size of 60×300×36cm or smaller. Article Code Item   140-102 CO2 Music Counter ..

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