Alg preparat

Alg preparat

Biological Removal of Algae

​​Algae that grow within aquarium are the worst enemy of beautiful appearance of aquascape. Since there is a limit on manual removal of algae, it is also a good idea to utilize animals that feed on algae. Caridina japonica is a representative algae eater. How- ever, this shrimp does not eat some algae species and at the same time, an excessive amount of this shrimp added in the aquarium may cause damaged aquatic plants eaten by the shrimps. It is therefore advisable to add 5 to 10 shrimps at a time while observing the condition of the aquarium. Besides, other algae-eating animals such as Otocinclus sp. and Crossocheilus siamensis should also be added to the aquarium on top of Caridina japonica.



​Effective Use of Phyton Git

Phyton Git containing disinfectant agent is useful in prevention of fern disease and also good for removal of algae. Phyton Git is an algaecide effective against beard algae that grow on stones, drift- wood and hard Anubias leaves in the aquarium. Firstly, drain the aquarium water to expose the affected areas to the air. Then, apply Phyton Git which has been diluted with the same amount of water with a brush. Algae will wither away after a short period of time.

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ADA Phyton Git 50ml

Phyton Git is a formula mainly produced from sterilizing ingredient extracted from plants. It is suppressing the fern disease and effective for removing blue green algae. ..

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