Aqua Conditioner series are to adjust water quality and tap water and maintain the health of fish and invertebrates in the aquarium. Please provide a suitable product depending on the aquarium condition at the time of water change. 

* Aqua Conditioner bottles have internal dropper for preventing oversupply. Please pour necessary amount into the cap and supply to the aquarium.


    Chlor-Off Clear Dash Vitamix Black Water Rio Base
Removing unnecessary substances Neutralization of free chlorine        
Detoxification of harmful heavy metal ion        
Removing the cloudiness of the water        
Adding necessary substances Organic colloid protecting mucosa      
Vitamin for the fish health      
Stress easing of fish by humus elements      
Boosting the plant immunity        

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ADA Black Water 250ml

Black Water is an additive mainly produced from humic acid. It recreates the water of the tropical rainforest. Also, it affects to settle down of fish because it gets less stimulation such as the light. ..

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ADA Chlor-Off 250ml

Chlor-Off is a chlorine neutralizer for removing free chlorine in tap water. It makes water change risk-free even during winter when chlorine level contained in the water gets higher. ..

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ADA Clear Dash 250ml

Clear Dash is a flocculant, which eliminates the cloudiness of the aquarium water. Please use Clear Dash in the aquarium with external filter. (* Freshwater Use Only) ..

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ADA Rio Base 250ml

Rio Base is an additive detoxifying the heavy metal contained in tap water. It has mucosa protection ingredient, various vitamin and humus acid, and protects fish branchia and body surface. ..

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ADA Vitamix 250ml

Vitamix is a supplement with various vitamins keeping the fish’s health condition. It also relieves the stress the fish feel right after being released in the aquarium tank. ..

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