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Insug 19mm

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Do!aqua Violet Glass VV-3 Ø20 (19mm)

Violet Glass creates water flow suitable for the Iwagumi style layout or keeping fishes that prefer moderate water flow, such as cyprinids and characins in an aquatic plant layout. In addition, the outflow pipe provides aeration effect depending on its placement. Its narrower outlet provides slightly downward water stream. * Size of Violet Glass may have a slight deviation partially due to its production process.* Violet Glasses are inflow (VV) and outflow (VP) pipes designed for an external canister filter such as Super Jet Filter. Aquarium Size 120-180 ..

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ADA New Lily Pipe V-7 Ø20 (19mm)

This simple straight design glass pipe has suction slits. For use with a Frame-less aquarium tank. Due to its slit form, it has advantage of not to suck in the withered leaves easily. But please make sure to remove the leaves stuck on the suction slits. Article Code Item Pipe diameter (mm) Height (mm) Inner dimension (mm) Filter flow rate (L) Aquarium size (cm)   102-4032 V-3 Ø13 230 35 10 60   102-4052 V-5 Ø13 300 45 10 90   102-4072 V-7 Ø17 300 45 10-20 120   102-4073 V-7 Ø20 300 45 20-30 180 ..

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