45cm - 80cm

45cm - 80cm
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ADA 45x27x30 cm + Aquasky (34L) EJ FILTER och CO2!

ADA Akvarium + ADA Aquasky (Filter och CO2 system ingår ej.) ..

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ADA 60x30x36 cm + Aquasky 601 (60L) EJ FILTER och CO2!

ADA Akvarium + ADA Aquasky 601 (Filter och CO2 system ingår ej.) ..

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NA 60x40x40 96L + AQUA AIR RGB LED + MATTA

Aquascaping nano paket:NA AQUARIUM 60x40x40 96L (8 mm) (Optiwhite glas)NEW AQUA AIR RGB LED 48w inkl. programmerbar kontrollerNA AQUARIUM MAT Akvariematta ..

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REKORD 600, 61x31x42cm, 63L SVART

Easy access and excellent light coverage. The cover of the REKORD 600 is easy to fold up, allowing you to work on your aquarium easily. The special construction of the REKORD cover means that any condensation is conducted back into the aquarium. An integrated flap can be used to feed the fish and is compatible with JUWEL automatic feeders. With a 15 Watt  T8 fluorescent tube, the REKORD 600 have excellent lighting coverage and complies with high international safety standards for aquarium lighting with a rating of "waterproof". As you would expect, the REKORD light unit cover has been TÜV GS tested. Bioflow Super filter system and heater For optimum filtering, the REKORD 600 is fitted with a high-performance Bioflow Super. This internal filter combines effici..

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